Annual Summit

The CEP is proud of its diverse membership. We welcome representatives from all types of enterprises and sectors, including vendor organisations which, as an integral part of the supply chain, contribute positively to our expertise and knowledge pool.

We have listened carefully to our members over the years to develop and evolve a programme of activities that meets their needs. We pride ourselves on events that create further opportunities for networking and collaboration.

As we transform the program to meet new ways of working and communicating our CEP 2 day Annual Summit will give way to a series of online forum and groupings. We will retain is the closed discussion grouping which over the years has provided a hub of expertise and support for these seeking to ensure they are up to date with the latest information security developments, and to benchmark their organisations’ policies and procedures.

Participants will gain unparalleled insights, through a mixture of formal presentations which include for example current research reports, and industry leading security solutions. Participants also benefit from peer panels, interactive discussions and networking in a confidential environment.

Recent topics have included:

Risk Based Security and the Human Factor

incident and Cyber Readiness Management

CIO’s View of Managing Global Transformation

Projects and the Protection of Business Assets.

BIG Data, Challenges, Successes, and Business Perceptions

We pride ourselves on assembling a top line-up of expert speakers and thought leaders, ranging from Business Transformation, Risk Management, Threat Intelligence Analytics, to topical issues on social media, cloud, the Internet of things and cyber insurance.

In 2015 at our inaugural session in Singapore we focused on pandemic planning and went on to have other sessions and briefings on this area of risk management and planning. Today we are experiencing an unprecedented period of pandemic impact. The CEP will revisit the work done in 2015 and will hold a number of sessions on various aspects of managing risk in.

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