Membership benefits

Members enjoy access to expert insight, shared experience and networking to benchmark performance, and support their own Board room discussions. Benefits include:

• Membership covers closed sessions which include special security related briefings, shared discussions that members may wish to hold in confidence and under Chatham rule.

• Pre-publication information about research findings, access to additional anonymised data

• Via members’ area on website, exclusive access to white papers, guidance documents, past presentations, articles, podcasts and interviews

• Access to a confidential network of senior executives who can exchange information of value

• Opportunity to form and participate in sub-working groups

Fees 2020-21

Corporate member

Under Review


Under Review

The CEP has a special annual membership rate for academics and consultants who wish to participate. These fees are tiered to apply to differing needs of membership in this category.

Please contact us at or call +44 203 287 6899 for further details.

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