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The Corporate Executive Programme (CEP) was created under the auspices of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (www.first.org), a world-wide organisation that promotes collaboration and shared knowledge against security threats and risk. Formed in June 2005 in Singapore, the CEP unites senior decision-makers from the world's leading enterprises and public sector organisations.

The CEP format is unique in that it takes a cross-functional view of risk across an entire organisation including Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Information Technology. Due to this enterprise-wide approach, the CEP is specifically geared towards CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CMOs and other key senior staff. In time, the CEP aims to influence governments in their approach to international threats and risk issues.

Protection of corporate reputation is a major focus of our activities, and that means understanding the various risks that can negatively impact on a company’s business growth, revenue stream and relationship with stakeholders. The CEP sees facilitating the achievement of overall business goals and strategic plans as central to all its discussions, recognising that this is at the top of the agenda of its senior level membership.

Feedback from CEP members indicates a preference for small workshop-type meetings where specific issues are addressed. In addition to peer-to-peer dialogue, solutions to individual corporate problems can be worked through, refined and discussed in a closed, secure, and confidential environmentand facilitated by world-renowned risk and industry experts.

Our tried and tested format has continued to attract global membership from large and small organisations, who often find themselves working together outside of the CEP in global supply chains.

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